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Last week I requested that readers share the photographs that they are the most proud of. Many people responded with the work they felt was their best, or made them happiest, or that portrayed the emotion they were trying to capture. Here are five selections (I know I said three, but all of the shots were so great!), in no particular order. Some photos were download/URL protected and so could not be shared here, so please be sure to check out all of the submissions in the comments from last week’s entry!

This photo was submitted by Marc Llopart. Per his comment, “Was made in Newcastle, it’s extremely HDR effect but it gives a really dark and scary effect to the church. Is one of the most viewed pictures in my photo stream. Hopefully you like it.” I really do, Marc! It has a very ominous feel to it.

This photo was submitted by reader PJ van Zyl, who describes: “Although the focus in this photo is soft, the moment makes this my fav photo of my daughter spending time photographing Zebra in Africa.” What an exciting shot and fantastic photographic opportunity, PJ!

Reader Tyler Wainright says, “I’m a new reader here but I’d like to share a recent shot of my daughter swinging at a local play ground. I’m proud of it because it turned out just how I saw it in my mind.” Another example of great timing and composition, Tyler!

Reader Ophelia writes, “I like the detail of the little ladybug leg and it´s one of my better processed pictures. And it actually was a little painful to take the picture. This is my own hand and a DSLR can get quite heavy when held in only one hand for a while.” What a sweet shot, Ophelia!

This shot was shared by Cory O’Brien. He describes the scene: “The story: I was shooting at a local charity car race, and walked out to a new location that was on the far side of the course. Less than 5 minutes after getting all set up, the headlining car from the race caught on fire, and limped back to the waiting fire crew. As it rolled by, I snapped away, and when I got home and viewed the photos on my computer, I literally yelled “Yessss!” when I saw that I had got the shot. The whirling smoke and the flame color came out perfectly, and it’s framed with just enough track around it to give some perspective. Hard to beat that one!” Awesome shot, Cory!

I had so much fun seeing everyone’s contributions, that I think I’m going to make this photo sharing idea a regular thing here at Beyond Megapixels. Thanks to everyone who participated, look for your next photo sharing opportunity here soon!

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