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New “Getting Started” Page

Hello, friends! You may have noticed the newest section of the Beyond Megapixels website, titled “Getting Started With Photography”. The link is up at the top of the page, below the links for “Home”, “Contact Us”, etc. I spent a good while last week, while Vernon was featuring articles written by guest bloggers (which I […]

Happy New Year!

My husband and I will be consuming a lot of these, I fear, at our New Year’s Eve party! Sincere thanks to all of you, our friends, who have joined us here at Beyond Megapixels throughout the year. Have a safe and happy New Year’s, and we’ll see you here for all of the fun […]

Things to Consider When Buying Your First Camera

Here at Beyond Megapixels, we strive to provide a simple, unfettered look at the world of photography, and attempt to offer information geared toward beginners as well as more advanced photographers. In the hundreds of articles currently residing in Beyond Megapixels’ archives, there are posts focusing on such topics as technique, composition, recommended gear, and […]

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM Lens

This post was submitted by Lance Bowen. After finally acquiring a full-frame camera I found that I had overlooked the fact that my only wide-angle zoom was an EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM. A great lens but not compatible with a full-frame. So I read and reread reviews, specs, etc., until I decided the EF […]

Faded and Broken: A Photo Tutorial

This post was submitted by Phillip Munafo and you can check out more of his work here and here. Before For this tutorial I have chosen a photo that was taken at the Neon Museum’s boneyard in Las Vegas, Nevada. I recently traveled to Las Vegas from Florida to get married and this photo was […]

A complete guide to live photography

Intro I love music, I’m always listening to it, going to gigs or playing the guitar, drums or piano, which I normally fail at, but one thing I don’t fail at is taking pictures of other people playing instruments. Thank you for reading this post, please check out my website and if you have any […]

A Collection

Hello, friends! It’s a crazy busy day, leading up to the crazy busy week I’ll have next week prepping for the holidays! So in light of the fact that I have to 1) brave the mall; 2) brave the post office; and 3) cook a ton of goodies, today’s entry is simply going to be […]

Cold Weather Photography

I live in Arizona – today’s high is supposed to be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In December. Yeah, it’s a rough life. Talk to me again in July when it’s 110. I DO remember what it was like to live in colder climes – growing up in Maine, I had MORE than enough snowdrifts to […]

Noisy, Dirty, Gritty Fun

Sometimes, a photograph doesn’t have to have crisp, clean perfection. Sometimes, it’s kind of fun to let things get a little noisy, a little dirty, a little gritty. This photo was taken in Portland, Maine, on the wharf off of Commercial Street in the Old Port district. It was a night in late May 2007, […]

Review – Popular Photography Magazine

I have had a subscription for Popular Photography Magazine for quite some time. In an era where newspapers and magazines are quickly being replaced by digital media and websites, I hold onto my physical, printed-on-paper, hold-in-my-hands magazine with fondness and a little bit of nostalgia for simpler times. Which is not to say that Popular […]