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Hello, friends! You may have noticed the newest section of the Beyond Megapixels website, titled “Getting Started With Photography”. The link is up at the top of the page, below the links for “Home”, “Contact Us”, etc. I spent a good while last week, while Vernon was featuring articles written by guest bloggers (which I hope you enjoyed, I know I did!), researching all of BMP’s archives (over two years worth!) to find the most appropriate articles to include in the “Getting Started” page.

The intent of the page is to provide a repository of information for those just getting started in photography. It begins with some very “101″ type articles – how to choose your first camera, exposure basics, flash 101, histogram 101, and more. It then moves on to some composition rules and tips such as portrait photography, macro photography, and bokeh. From there, articles are listed specific to photography techniques, including the article round-up for the “100 Steps to Improve Your Photography” series. Next comes some articles related to photography equipment, including some inexpensive “do it yourself” projects. Finally, there is a discussion on camera and gear maintenance and cleaning.

This page will continue to grow as more articles are written for Beyond Megapixels pertinent to the “beginner” audience. I hope to discover and fill in any “gaps” that may exist among the topics and requisite articles. With that said, I would delighted and grateful to you, our faithful readers, if you would offer in the comments your own suggestions for “beginner” articles, which will be written and added to the “Getting Started” page.

Sifting through the vast array of information out there about photography can be daunting and time-consuming. We hope that you find the “Getting Started With Photography” page to be helpful in guiding you toward improving your photography skills!

Photo Credit – “March of the Cameras” by Suss-Man on Flickr Creative Commons.

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