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Hello, friends! Sherry (from BMP’s sister site PhotoBlog) and I (Laura!) have been collaborating on some big plans that we have for our readers, beginning in January of 2010! It IS right around the corner, believe it or not. We want to provide more opportunities for our readers to participate in site activities, and deepen the friendships and collaborative contact that we all have with one another.

Monthly Photo Challenges:

Beginning in January we will be running month-long “challenges”. There will be one photographic “theme” in which participants are encouraged to take photos of a certain subject and post to the Beyond Megapixels Photo Pool on Flickr. There will also be one “technical challenge” in which participants will use a certain photography technique and post their results in the Pool.

Shared Topics:

Once per month, Sherry and I will write about a common photography topic – I will write about it here on BMP, and Sherry will write about it on PhotoBlog. In this way you will get differing perspectives on the same topic, and perhaps Sherry and I will broaden our own understanding on the topic as well!

Reader Polls:

Readers will be treated to a monthly poll in which we will garner opinions about everything from recommended gear, to favorite photography subjects, and polls related to recently published articles. We hope you look forward to the opportunity to share your opinions!

Photo Fix:

On a monthly basis, I will submit a photo that I have taken to Sherry, and she will publish an article on PhotoBlog about which post processing methods she would use on the photo, as well as give opinions and advice on composition, cropping, aperture/shutter speed, or other things she might have done differently. The opportunity works both ways, of course – she will be sending ME a photo to play with and write a post about here on BMP, too. In addition, we will both be asking for contributions from our readers to submit a photo of their own for us to process and write about!


Comments on posts are a large part of the conversation around BMP. I pledge that in 2010 I will respond to EVERY SINGLE COMMENT left on this site within 48 hours, so that our readers can feel that their opinions, thoughts, and questions are valued. Let’s keep the conversation going!

Got An Idea?

Do you have any thoughts on what features you’d like to see on this website? Don’t be shy! Leave a comment and let us know what you’re thinking! Based on recent feedback you should soon be seeing the Post Author’s name associated with each post, and Previous/Next links within each article. Keep the suggestions coming!

Photo credits (all): Snerkology Media.

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