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Posing Tips and Shots for the “part-time” Wedding Photographer

This post was submitted by Jason and you can check out more of his work at So you’ve been asked to take some pictures at your friend’s wedding, but you’re not sure what pictures you should take during a wedding or even how to pose everyone properly. Tip #1: Know what photos and style […]

Composition Tips – Balance

Balance is a key concept when composing a photograph. However, “balance” does not necessarily mean “centered” or “symmetrical”. A photograph can be balanced even when the subject of focus is to one side. A photograph can be off-balance even if the subjects are perfectly aligned. Let’s look at some examples. In the shot of the […]

Taking Pictures in Public

Last weekend I went to our area Farmer’s Market. As is my habit, I took my camera along with me. There’s just something about the rows of baskets and piles of produce that make me want to capture the color and just plain goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables. A couple of times I got […]

Summer in Winter

A butterfly at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona. I thought I would share an image of summer to help us all get through this long winter! A Wordless Wednesday contribution. Photo Credit: Tiffany Joyce Tweet

How to Introduce Your Child to Photography

This article is written by Kathy Wilson, who writes on the subject of Photography Colleges. If you want to see the world through a child’s eyes, there’s literally no better way to do it than give them a camera and ask them to photograph anything that they think is interesting. A friend recently sent me […]

Food Photography

I have a love that competes with my passion for photography. That love is for food. Actually, my cooking hobby came first – I have a vast collection of cookbooks, a website full of my Grandmother’s recipes (and my own creations), and I’m always messing around with something in the kitchen (and I must say, […]

Photographer Focus: Acid Photography

This post was submitted by Alaa Sa’eed and you can check out more of their photography here. Revolution Tunnel About Revolution Tunnel: I was walking there and I was like, wow.. that looks scary even it was made to let people pass under the subway in order not to get hit by a car, it’s clearly […]

Stops 101

When I was new to photography, I was very confused whenever someone said they needed to “stop down” or “stop up” a shot. Basically, all the term “stop” refers to is the change in the brightness of the light, or exposure, of the photograph. Doubling the light is one stop up (or brighter), reducing the […]

Review: Photo Recipes Live

I recently purchased Photo Recipes Live: Behind the Scenes: Your Guide to Today’s Most Popular Lighting Techniques, the DVD/workbook combo by Scott Kelby. This product goes into detail about how the photographs were achieved in “Photo Recipes That Help You Get “The Shot”” – the final chapter of each of Kelby’s three Digital Photography Volumes. […]

YOUR January Photo Challenge Contributions

We’ve been seeing some fantastic contributions to our January Photo Challenge. The theme is “beginnings”, and the technique is “bokeh”, and we’ve been seeing some great shots in the Flickr Group that incorporate one or the other, or both! Please keep your contributions coming, we still have ten days left before we initiate February’s theme […]