How to Introduce Your Child to Photography

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If you want to see the world through a child’s eyes, there’s literally no better way to do it than give them a camera and ask them to photograph anything that they think is interesting. A friend recently sent me an invitation to view his online photo album, one that his 6-year-old son had created using a simple point and shoot camera. If you were to look for professionalism in the shots, you wouldn’t find a lot of it; what you would find however was a whole lot of passion and enthusiasm behind each shot. It’s a wonderful hobby for a child to pursue, one that they can develop and nurture if they’re able to sustain an interest and learn through experimentation. So why not introduce your child to photography today and see the difference it makes in the way they see the world?


Get them their own camera: Kids like their own possessions; it’s not enough that mom and dad have a camera which they let you use occasionally, they need one that they can call their own. To start with, get them a relatively inexpensive point and shoot model, one that is capable of capturing decent photos without too much effort. The camera must be light enough for your child to carry around and must not break easily.

Provide them with a way to learn photography: Once your child is interested in learning more about photography, teach them a few tips and tricks that help them take better pictures. Give them a book on photography or help them browse the net for valuable hints and tutorials that will enable them to hone their skills and improve their technique.

Encourage them to try different techniques: As they get the hang of basic photography, encourage them to move on to more complicated techniques like panning and photography on the move. You may have to buy them better cameras and accessories as they get better and wish to develop their talent, and one way to minimize your cost is to encourage your child to take on paid photography gigs during family events.

Teach them how to look after their equipment: Any good photographer knows that they must take good care of their equipment and maintain it well if they want to continue to take great pictures, so teach your children the importance of caring for their camera and using it correctly so that there’s no damage.


Photography as a hobby enhances your child’s creative skills and helps them develop their innovativeness and curiosity. It’s an art that is easily learned today at a minimum cost thanks to the digital camera that allows us to experiment with styles, lighting, angles and every other aspect of photography.

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