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Dear Reader, Firstly wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year. Thank you Vernon for giving me an opportunity to be a guest writer on your website.

Well I am very passionate about photography and nature and it increased by leaps and bounds after printing my book ‘abode’ in New Zealand. Anyway today I am sharing with you my photographs, which I clicked on my recent visit to Goa.


When we say Goa, first thing a person would think of are beaches and all the things that come with it. But I like clicking what I click best i.e. nature.

One thing I have noticed in nature is beautiful things grow where people don’t actually venture out. So I was walking down this road and came across this beautiful flower, which was beside this narrow bridge over the flowing water. So all the three pictures were taken in the same area. So I was just playing with shade and sunlight.

Through my photographs I always try to show things, which we normally fail to acknowledge in our day-to-day life.

I am a graphic designer, so there is always one side of me, which wants things to be photoshop (ed), but for a beginner, it’s always best to limit it just to brightness/contrast settings and learn it the hard way. As you click more pictures you will slowly understand what I am trying to say.


I’ve come across many people, who think to click good pictures one needs sophisticated camera. For them my answer is photography is about passion. You can do wonders with even a simple click and go camera.


So keep clicking and do write in your comments, queries and I will try and cover those in my next uploads.

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