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Hi Everyone

We ran a poll a few weeks back that highlighted that users wished they had their own photography website. BeyondMegapixels is prepared to introduce a service to our readers where we will work alongside you to develop your own 100% unique website. As well as developing a unique website we will take all the burden of the techie stuff off you and you will be able to focus on your photography. This service will cost you 20USD a month for everything (hosting, email, image storage, web design, website development etc…). If cost is an issue still talk to us as we might be able to work something out.

At the moment we haven’t got all the details worked out because in large part we haven’t done anything like this before, hence this post! I am looking for readers who are interested in this service to contact us through this form. In return my staff will go above and beyond to create you a fantastic site and we will feature your site and photography on BMP and in our newsletter.

I would encourage you to get in contact and talk to us at least if you are interested in this service. Having your own personal website dedicated to your photography is a great way to promote your photography and services to other people.

To see the types of sites that I am talking about you can have a look at the list below:

Please use this form to contact us!



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  • Paul Parkinson

    I am assuming you are now ignoring my emails so I have sent this to the webdev email address and cross posted it here.
    I suspect, given this is the case and that there are no extenuating circumstances, that it is just as well you stopped development. I suspect support would have been a disaster.
    I repeat my request for you to pass on the source code instead of the “free book” as a gesture of goodwill if anything, a gesture of contrition.