Happy Valentine’s Day, and Elsewhere

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Hello, friends! First, let me wish you all a very happy Valentine’s day. I hope that you all will spend it in the exact way that will make you the happiest.

Secondly, I wanted to share with you all some links of things that are being talked about in the realm of photography, elsewhere:

- All you all have probably heard by now, Canon announced the newest in its line of Rebel cameras, the Rebel T2i. This camera is meant to provide many of the features of the new 7D, to a more entry-level clientele. (Article provided by canonrumors.com).

- Nikon has also announced a new lineup of Coolpix cameras fresh for 2010, which also incorporate the HD-video recording feature that is quickly gaining popularity as a DSLR camera feature.

- Nikon also announced the release of two highly anticipated lenses – the AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.4G ED ultra-fast wide-angle lens, and the AF-S NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR, which is the widest FX-format focal range lens that Nikon offers.

- The 2010 World Press Photographer of the Year award has been given to Italian photographer Pietro Masturzo. Check out the article for the winning shot and runner-up details.

- If you’re not already reading Scott Bourne’s blog, you should start! Great expertise and advise. I especially like his recent article on taking better portraits.

- Photographer and author Dave Cross wrote an article about the debate over HDR. Scott Kelby then posted a resonse on his own blog. I find the ongoing debate about the benefits and detriments of HDR to be quite interesting!

That’s it! Thanks, and have a great weekend, everyone!

Photo credit: “Holding On To Love” by Pink Sherbet on Flickr Creative Commons.

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  • daisy

    you have a canon category but no nikon??

  • PhotoGirlRen

    I was wondering the same thing Daisy!!