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This post was submitted by Ghada Abdulkhaleq and you can check out more of her photography here or on her facebook fan page here.

We Dream Too


I have been always in love with animals, specially cats and kittens, I do have a sweet connection with them, and most people say I do look like cats somehow, so I do believe I was meant to be close to them! This picture was taken for a cat we had in the family, it was very spontaneous and that’s why I love it. I consider it one of the best shots I have ever taken.

Missing Only You


I’m a big fan of puzzles, and I had an idea while playing with it, so many feelings and emotions can be explained through this picture. The theme song for this picture is: James Marrison – Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore.

Pretty In Pink


Nothing can be more simple and beautiful than the beauty of a flower or a rose. I have taken this picture in London. Just small adjustments were made on Photoshop, everything else is real.

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