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“Exposure Digital Field Guide” was published in November 2009. This book is precisely what it says, a field guide that can fit in your camera bag and gives you great tips on correctly exposing your picture in a variety of situations.

“Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography” was newly published on February 23rd, 2010. This updated edition has been revised for the digital photography realm and offers new insights into gaining unique nature and outdoor shots.

“Galen Rowell’s Inner Game of Outdoor Photography” is publishing May 17, 2010. This book is comprised of a collection of articles written for Outdoor Magazine and provides fascinating and educational insight into outdoor photography. It discusses creative as well as technical aspects, interspersed with personal stories and “how I got the shot” details.

“The Benefits of Looking Up” is a photo essay-style book that encourages its readers to gain new perspectives by, well, looking up!

“Digital Restoration from Start to Finish, Second Edition: How to repair old and damaged photographs” provides step by step instructions and techniques on how to restore old photographs using a scanner and Photoshop. Invaluable information for those of us with boxes of mouldering photographs in our attics and basements!

“Advanced Crime Scene Photography” is a fascinating insight into the photography techniques used by Crime Scene Investigators. It’s more textbook in nature and provides information on scene orientation, common issues and solutions, and photographic admissibility in court.

“The Photographer’s Market Guide to Building Your Photography Business” is a must-buy tool for any photographer thinking of going professional with their skills. The author’s intent is to “help readers carve out a niche, make a marketing plan, price their work, build a clientele, network, and sustain the creative fire.”

“Mother and Child Portraits: Techniques for Professional Digital Photographers” provides insights into achieving poignant, charming, beautiful mother-child portraits. The book discusses the best lighting, props, and environment needed to capture the special relationship between mother and child (infants through teenagers).

Photo Credit – “Timeless Books” by linnybinnypix on Flickr Creative Commons.

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