Poll – What Will You Photograph Next?

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Tetons at Dusk

As photographers, we are always trying to expand our horizons and break free from our comfort zones. We at Beyond Megapixels would like to know, what photography subject will you challenge yourself with next? Vote in our poll, and leave more details in the comments!

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Photo credit: Tiffany Joyce.

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  • http://flickr.com/raypg Raypg

    Im working on getting some panoramas but with a stereographic projection that way I can create small planet, I think is a cool way to make photography :D you can see my last planets on my flickr stream http://www.flickr.com/raypg

  • don

    Other: Nudes.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/phillipmunafo Phillip Munafo

    I picked fashion/modeling. I joined a popular modeling social networking site a couple months ago and I am looking to start shooting more models in the upcoming months.