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The February 2010 Photo Challenge Subject is “motion”, and the Challenge Technique is “long exposure”. The challenge runs all month long, so there’s still plenty of time to share your shots! I thought I would feature some of the contributions that have been posted to the Flickr Group thus far:

February Photo Challenge

This image, by SusZ Photoist, really moved me. The individual birds are crisply focussed and individually lit by the sunset (or was it sunrise?), and the colors of the horizon are lovely.

365 Day Thirty

I just love this shot by BMC Portraits. The depth of field is lovely, but even more so is the look of concentration mixed with excitement on the little girl’s face. Ah, to be young and excited by a snowstorm again!

Motorbike, Motorbike, Motorbike Go So Fast

This is a great shot by Gaijin Guide. The element of motion is, of course, very evident. I also love the focus and color of the helmet, and the feeling of a moment captured and suspended out of time.

First Fall

This is a great long exposure shot by KSU Wildkat. I love the color of the water itself, turning turquoise by some trick of the light. I also like the sunlight dappling through the leaves.

Contributors also left many examples – all excellent – of their work, in the discussion thread for this month’s challenge. Many of the photos in the thread, as well as in the overall Group, were not uploaded as sharable/downloadable, so I did not have the opportunity to include them in this post. But they’re still there, for your enjoyment, so please go check them out! And if you have a shot that meets the subjects of the challenge that you’re especially proud of, call our attention to them in the comments!

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