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Last week I wrote about some basic wildlife photography tips and compiled a list of handy equipment for wildlife photography. Let’s take a look at what you can do when you combine the right tools with the basics.

Photo credit: Noel Zia Lee

This photo of deer out by a pond is a fine example of a point I made last week: While a dSLR camera is your best bet if you want to get serious about wildlife photography, a point and shoot will indeed work well enough as long as you have a good quality zoom.

In this photo of some seagulls coming in for a landing you can really see how the photographer took advantage of the beautiful available light, making the gulls’ wings glow.

Photo credit: skittzitilby

This shot of a fox pup is a great example of one of the most important tips I gave you – use a telephoto lens because as adorable as this animal might be, you don’t want to get too close. Mama fox probably wouldn’t have been so cute if she caught a photographer creeping up on her baby. This was taken with at 600mm which allowed the fox to fill the frame nicely while still keeping a respectful and safe distance.

Photo credit: Mike Baird

I mean really, do YOU want to get up close and personal with this? No way! Shoot from afar, enjoy the results, but stay safe!

Photo credit: Kristi Herbert

All of these wildlife photos are making me want to pack up my camera bag and go sit quietly in the woods, just to see what might wander past my viewfinder!

Do you have any wildlife shots to share? Even the squirrel in your backyard counts!

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  • Ed Schultz

    There was an interesting article in Audubon Magazine I believe last month about wildlife photos. The story showed how many photographers, for high profile ads, mags and other money making ideas will use wild animal wranglers. These folks have specific animals they keep on ranches or preserves and rent out time for their use just like human models do. Amazingly; one of the photos shwn was used by National Geographic for an article on that specific animal.
    What I am saying is…wild animals are wild; like stated in this article. For your safety and thaat of the animal, be sure to keep a safe distance.