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Like many people, I am a visual learner. I absorb information best when it is demonstrated to me, or taught directly to me by another person. For this reason, I really value the efforts put forth on KelbyTV. The site is organized into several sections, or channels.

Photoshop User TV features tips and tricks about Photoshop and related products (Lightroom, etc.). There are also interviews with industry and professional experts. They’re on their 222nd episode, most of which are about 20 minutes long, which means that there is a vast archive of past episodes to peruse and learn from.

DTown features “all things DSLR”. The videos in this channel are specific to photographic techniques and camera tips. This section of the site is somewhat new and is currently on its 33rd episode.

Layers TV explores in further depth the creative capabilities of the Adobe suite of post-processing software. It includes tutorials, resources, and reviews aimed directly at Photographers, Designers, Illustrators and Developers. As of today there are 128 episodes available to enjoy.

The Ask Dave channel is hosted by Dave Cross and provides viewers with the opportunity to get their Photoshop questions answered.

The NAPP News channel features news stories related to The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

Photoshop Killer Tips is a daily feature that offers quick (five minutes or less) tutorials featuring handy Photoshop tips and tricks.

For Lightroom users, the Lightroom Killer Tips channel also offers quick tutorials for tips and tricks.

The entire site represents a repository of invaluable information, tutorials, interviews, product reviews, and industry insight – all delivered in an entertaining, easily understandable way. Best of all? All of this information is absolutely, 100%, totally FREE. So, go forth and educate yourself!

Photo credit – “Examining the Clematis (using photoshop!)” by Galfred on Flickr Creative Commons.

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    I love this blog. I visit it every now and then. It's inspiring to see people getting out and doing it! Keep on posting! Recommending it to my students.