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If you’ve ever taken some photos only to find them decent but lackluster when you get them open in Photoshop you’re not alone. It’s happened to me a lot where I come home with 100 pictures on my memory card and there might be some nice snapshots but nothing that really screams “show me to the world!”

How can you avoid a commonplace photo and get something with a little something extra? Try changing your perspective. Sometimes the problem isn’t the subject matter. Rather, it could be the angle or the distance. Simply changing up your approach can yield great results.

Take a child swinging at the park. Taken head-on you might get a great shot of a laughing kid who is obviously having fun. However, you can get an even better picture if you lie down on the ground and shoot upward. It helps to capture the feeling the child is getting at that moment, soaring up, up, up.

That’s certainly a lot more fun, don’t you think?

Another time you might want to try looking up is when you’re photographing flowers. So many people snap flowers while looking straight down or they crouch down to get a side view. There’s nothing wrong with that but look at how much more interesting it is if you get right down on the ground and shoot up. With the light coming down through the petals you get an almost ethereal look.

The next time you go out with your camera, go ahead and take your usual pictures. However, before you put that lens cap back on take a minute to really look at your subject and see if you can take a different approach. Changing your perspective can change everything about your photos.

If you’ve taken any photos lately with a fun perspective, please share them in the comments!

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  • Jorge Mafud @mafudabogados

    Really cool tips! Thanks!