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I know that not everyone celebrates Easter, but please forgive and indulge me because Easter happens to be one of my favorite days as far as holiday photography goes. Sure, Christmas is fun and Halloween is my favorite holiday to celebrate, but Easter is so full of color. If you’re lucky you get to enjoy spring temperatures and greens outside, while inside you can ogle baskets packed with colorful eggs and candies.

In other words, it’s an opportunity not to be missed!

Have fun and experiment with your shots today. If you have fresh flowers adorning your holiday table take some time to shoot in macro or maybe invoke a bit of bokeh.

Got kids who are hopped up on chocolate? While they’re working off the sugar high (or napping off the subsequent crash, meltdown, and post-candy coma) snap away at the beautifully wrapped chocolate eggs and jelly beans that they haven’t eaten yet. Don’t take too long, they won’t last if you blink too many times!

And of course, as someone who loves food as much as life itself, endure the rolling eyes of family members as you bust out the camera at the dinner table to capture some mouth-watering shots of your big holiday meal.

Photo credit: Sherry Osborne

Have a wonderful day and do be sure to share some of your Easter-theme photos!

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