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Hi friends! I thought I’d share a little link love on this beautiful Friday morning. Well, it’s beautiful here in Arizona, anyway – sunny and in the 70′s. Hope your day is shaping up to be as lovely as mine!

First off, if you’re joining us directly from the Beyond Megapixels Website, you may or may not have noticed the recent activity in the “Asides” section of the main page, which has been featuring article contributions from our readers. Here are the latest posts:

- Wildlife Photography Fundamentals by Kevin Ebi.
- The Basics of Nature Photography by Kendall Adams.
- Photographing Wild Birds by Deborah.
- Surviving a Yellowstone Wildlife Shoot by Randall Thorne.

Elsewhere in the world of photography, I have come across the following articles and links of interest:

- Check out Going Pro 2010, which is a website dedicated to assisting photographers to achieve their professional goals. The effort is lead by Skip Cohen and Scott Bourne, two names in the world of photography that you’re probably already familiar with. If anybody is qualified to give advice on becoming a professional photographer, it’s these guys!

- Popular Photography recently posted an article about making a do-it-yourself light reflector. The article describes how to create a V-card for replicating window light, used in tandem with strobes and softboxes. There’s a neat layout diagram that demonstrates how the author’s shot was achieved.

- I’ve always been a big fan of Ivory Hut, and the way the author combines her love of food with her love of photography. Great recipes and great photography tutorials, including this one on how to compose a photograph for a 1:1 aspect ratio crop (a square photo).

- Back in October of 2009, MacLife published this article and asked six professional photographers to share their most guarded digital secrets. Tips included post processing techniques, filters and other gear, backup and storage advice, and more.

I hope you find these links to be informative! If you’ve seen other great things from around the internet, please feel free to share in the comments!

Photo Credit – “Grand Canyon” by fundenburg on Flickr Creative Commons.

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    Great list of links!
    especially the maclife article.

    Thanks for sharing