Poll: Natural light vs. Studio light

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Tomorrow I’ll be posting a comparison to look at the pros and cons between shooting portraits (or other subjects) in natural light and shooting them in a studio with a full lighting set-up. Both are equally valid methods to approach photography and both have their good points and bad points.

Naturally there are some situations where your interest will dictate how you approach lighting; if you’re a landscape or wildlife photographer, obviously you’re not going to be shooting in a studio. However, a style of photography like portraiture or even food photography can be done either way.

Which is better? Well that’s up to you. In the meantime though, I’d love to know which you prefer when you have the choice.

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Of course you should feel free to elaborate in the comments!

I’ll tell you my response: I love natural light. It’s a bit of a challenge since I live in an area that doesn’t have a whole heck of a lot of light during the daylight hours in the winter – the sun sets at about 4:30 sometimes! On top of that, it’s not all that appealing for me to be outdoors when the light is there because I’m not a fan of the cold. However, I’m still a big natural light fant.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the good and the bad about natural light vs. studio light!

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  • http://www.photo-art.tk Erez

    I would use both, but I find neutral light to be more of the real thing.

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  • http://quillcards.com Photographworks

    General statement – not always true but often true:

    Natural light is full of gradations, changes in tonality, and complexities that the much 'simpler' flash light cannot match.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/funkyhelpermonk/ P Nut

    I guess the poll is a little black & white as I love to use a mix of both. I would love to expose for the ambient/natural light a couple of stops down and use flash to light up my subject.

  • http://cold-glass.com Doug Ford

    I agree with P Nut, my preference is for the light that best suits the subject and conditions–I don't think I can register a preference.

  • photoman

    Yes, I like light in my photos–and I agree with the consensus here that the best light is the right light for the situation.