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One of the things that I love the most about travel is the opportunity to photograph new subjects and new places. As Sherry wrote about in yesterday’s post, I can get all annoying while on vacation, in my quest to photograph every little nuance of our travels.

I think the highest destination on my list of dream photography vacations is Wales. Many sources believe that the legend of King Arthur began in Wales, and as a child I was absolutely fascinated by tales of King Arthur. I would read every book about the legend that I could get my hands on. My interest in visiting Wales was clinched when I read Susan Cooper’s young adult novel, “The Grey King,” which takes place in Wales. I could visualize the rolling hills, the soft mist, the ancient architecture, and meadows dotted with sheep. Not to mention the boy with the sliver eyes, shadowed by an enormous white dog.

If the U.S. dollar ever edges close to the value of the pound sterling, I hope to visit Wales one day. At the moment it’s a little out of my financial reach!

So, readers, share with us! Vote in the poll and let us know what your dream photography vacation is, and describe in the comments the one place that is at the top of your list to visit!

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Photo credit: “Black Mountains, Wales” by Mark Hillary on Flickr Creative Commons.

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  • http://ojphoto.blogspot.com/ OJ Photography

    Switzerland! I'd love to go there on a photo trek!

  • sherryosborne

    I'm still dying to go to Prague where I will burn through my memory cards like nobody's business. :)

  • http://atravesdelalente.wordpress.com/ RayPG

    for the diversity of culture from the traditional one and the modern Japan It has a lot of things to be shared in photographs :D

  • Alpacaman


  • mikespivey

    Galapagos – you need to be more specific. United States is a pretty generic place.

  • Cornell

    I believe that some of your choices are too broad. I would like to go to Alaska. I've been to Hawaii, Yellowstone NP, and Grand Canyon NP — each twice — and to Grand Teton NP three times. I would love to return to these again. All are parts of the United States.

    Saying the United States, Canada, Russia, Africa, and South America is like saying Europe or Asia (for which you specified individual countries, not the general areas themselves).

  • srussell999

    My dream photography isn't so much about where as it is what. In 1987 I attended a week long nature photography seminar presented by well known nature photographer John Shaw. I'd absolutely love to do that again.

    If it's place and outside the U.S., it would have to be Scotland.

  • eric

    Cambodia/Angkor Wat and a little island in Antarctica, I believe it called south Georgia

  • L.G.Moore

    Savannah Georgia in April…Looking forward to bumping into some of you there in April 2011.

  • L.G.Moore

    Savannah Georgia in April…Looking forward to bumping into some of you there in April 2011.

  • L.G.Moore

    Savannah Georgia in April…Looking forward to bumping into some of you there in April 2011.