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You have GOT to get you one of these babies.

This is a LensPEN Lens Cleaning System, and it is probably one of the handiest photography tools I have purchased in a long, long time. Certainly it’s the best ten bucks I’ve spend on gear.

The LensPen is the size of a small magic marker. One end is covered with a cap, which when removed reveals a circular, felt-like cleaning tip. The other end contains a brush which is revealed when the slider along the side of the LensPen is moved.


To clean your lens, brush away any dust with the brush end, then use the felt end in a circular motion to remove any smudges and fingerprints. I’ve gotta tell you guys, this thing works like MAGIC and is infinitely better than keeping track of a microfiber cloth or, heaven forbid, using your breath and the corner of your t-shirt to clean your lens. You can tuck it in your gear bag, purse, backpack, or pocket and always have a fantastic lens cleaning system at your fingertips.

I highly recommend it! For more information, here is a demo video produced by the LensPen creators.

And check out this article for more tips about keeping your camera clean.

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