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It’s an obvious statement, but many of us have to alter our photography based on the seasons. If you live in a climate that is fairly steady all year round then you won’t necessarily notice too much difference, but in a place like my home area – Eastern Canada – we have wildly varied weather which has a strong effect on the photos I take.

Since I’m not crazy about indoor shooting unless it’s a snapshot of family memories, I like to use outdoor natural lighting. That means that December and January find my photos buried in snow while those taken in July and August have a haze of sunny heat and humidity.

Thanks to the massive difference in weather patterns I’ve also noticed patterns in my interests, born party out of necessity. In the winter I have a strong love of shooting what I like to refer to as “naked trees”. Trees are beautiful anyway but there’s something very appealing to me about stark branches without their leaves, set against the brilliant blue skies that we often get on non-snowing winter days.

Once spring rolls around I love to prowl around looking for those short moments in time where trees and plants are covered in buds that aren’t quite leaves yet. I also photograph a lot of blossoming flowers on trees.

When summer hits, I do appreciate the trees but my interests tend to shift to shooting water sources when I can get to them, or the large abundance of snails that inhabit my area. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the spherical shape of their shells or the swirling patterns on them, but I am obsessed with them and I have an embarrassing number of snail photos backed up on my spare drive.

In the fall, I’m back to the trees again – sort of. I love fall best out of all the seasons and all the leaves strewn on the ground is part of the attraction for me, so naturally my camera and I gravitate to that aspect of nature.

There are always things I love to photograph at any time of year – my kids, any instance of bokeh that I can come across, my dog, etcetera – but those are the definite seasonal patterns that I have noticed over the years.

What do you love taking photos of at different times of the year?

All photos: Sherry Osborne

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