Taking photos in the rain

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It’s a rainy weekend up here in my neck of the woods. It’s the kind of weather that makes me want to brew a nice hot cup of tea and bury myself in a blanket on the couch with a good book because not only is it wet outside, it’s also really damp.

However, when it’s rainy but still somewhat warm I find myself wanting to get outside to take some pictures. As long as you keep your camera dry courtesy of a handy umbrella, you can get some wonderful atmosphere shots.

Rain can also create interest for a story. While this photo of a romantic couple would be cute anyway, the rain really adds to it; it shows that the love is intense enough that they don’t even care that they’re being soaked in a downpour.

People in the rain can be fascinating to photograph. While some people (like me) might be a little sullen in the rain, unhappy to be out and about in dismal weather, you might be able to convince someone to show some incredible joy, wet weather aside.

Since I’m not a big rain fan, one of my favorite things is to take pictures once the rain has stopped. You can find a ton of treasures outside when everything is wet and dripping. It’s a great time to snap a few shots of things like spiderwebs with rain drops hanging off the delicate fibers. Wet plants or flowers can be a lot of fun too.

Even surfaces of the most mundane objects can suddenly become interesting and beautiful once they’re covered in rain. You can get great reflections and wonderful bokeh if you shoot wide open. I took both of these pictures after a rain storm and they wouldn’t have been anywhere near as intriguing without the water.

Finally, don’t forget the raindrops on the windows. It may sound like a cliche photo, but it’s just a lot of fun. It can create a lot of great mood in your photo. I love this one with the grays and the blurry cityscape behind the sharp focus of the raindrops. If you have a macro lens or a macro setting on a point and shoot you’ll get great results but you can still get some really nice effects with regular lenses; just be careful to get as close as you can without losing the ability to focus on the drops.

I’ll probably never be able to say that I love the rain, but knowing there are so many opportunities for photographs during the wet weather definitely makes it more bearable!

Do you have a shot you’ve taken in or of the rain that you love? Share the link!

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