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The April 2010 Photo Challenge Subject is “home”, and the Challenge Technique is “still life”. The challenge runs all month long, so there’s still plenty of time to share your shots! All of your efforts are very much appreciated and valued. Thank you so much for your participation.

Here are some of the contributions that have been posted to the Flickr Group thus far:

I must say, there were a lot of great photos during the month of April (thus far) which have been posted to the Beyond Megapixels Flickr Group and would have qualified as a still life or resonate with the concept of “home”, but were not labeled or tagged as being part of the challenge. Don’t forget to tag your contributions with “April Photo Challenge” so that I know it was your intent to include the photograph in the challenge!

Please peruse the entire photo group and enjoy all of the fantastic contributions!

Photo Credits (in order of appearance):
- “Bar Still Life” by Tiffany Joyce.
- “Dogs object to being locked out of the house” by chezchiens.
- “Corridor of Nostalgia” by viCAnk.
- “Stairs to Hell” by viCAnk.
- “My Computer” by SBHPhotography.
- “Good Southern Girls Love Their Dolly” by SBHPhotography.
- “Home” by jusmeLB.
- “Still” by moesphotoz.
- “Make A Move” by moesphotoz.

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