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Have you hit a photographic wall? Stuck in a rut? Would you like to gain a little inspiration to refresh your mind and lighten your outlook?

When I have photographer’s block, I enjoy perusing the internet for inspirational images. I challenge myself to try to figure out and define how the images were captured – how they were composed, how the light was set up, what shutter speed and aperture was used, and so on. I gain inspiration from other folks’ photography to give me ideas and perspectives that I haven’t considered before. Sometimes I even try to re-create the shots, or the technical aspects of the shots, myself.

Enjoy these inspirational images, and feel free to share your own in the comments!

This photo of an old truck was taken by Stephanie, and shared in our Flickr pool. I especially love the composition and post-processing technique used on this photograph.

This image of a butterfly by eye of einstein on Flickr Creative Commons is terrific. Having photographed butterflies myself, I know how easy this shot is NOT. I like the angle from up underneath, rather than from above.

This is a photo of Lake Tahoe by The Tahoe Guy on Flickr Creative commons. I can practically smell the crisp evening air and scent of pine trees. The exposure is just right – conveying the sense of the time of day and allowing the shadows to be as they are, and capturing the fantastic color of the sunset (one assumes – perhaps it’s the sunrise!). The framing is great, too.

Cmogle on Flickr Creative Commons shares this photo of creative essentials. Great pairing of like textures with depth of field and black-and-white post-processing.

It’s HDR shots like this one by Mescon on Flickr Creative Commons that really makes me want to learn this fascinating technique. Love the tones, love the sky.

Finally, check out this site for Terry Border’s work. His use of everyday objects to create amusing sculpture vignettes never ceases to inspire me.

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