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Since the long Memorial Day Weekend is upon us (here in the U.S., anyway), entertain yourselves with these fun games you can play with your camera!

The Acrobat Project:

What you’ll need: A D-SLR with a timer and/or a remote shutter release, a tripod, comfy clothes, and a suspension of self-consciousness.
The intent: To catch portraits of yourself in as many active positions and poses as you can manage.
Examples: Catch yourself jumping on the bed, the floor, or on a trampoline; photograph yourself running away from the camera with the shutter set on a ten-second timer (like this); find a park, set up your gear, grab the remote shutter release, and hang upside down from the monkey bars; practice your hand-stands in the back yard or your head-stands in the living room; get in-motion shots of yourself dancing (just put on some fun music and dance around while periodically hitting the shutter release). Basically, do anything you can think of that isn’t just standing or sitting there!
The point: Everybody has pictures of themselves standing or sitting quietly (sanely!) and smiling into the camera. Get some shots of yourself in motion, enjoy the ridiculous, have a sense of humor about yourself, and let your unique personality shine! Put all of the photos together in a series or collage.
Alternate gameplay: Of course, if you don’t want to take photos of yourself, you can always use someone else as your subject. This is a great one for kids of all ages to participate in.

Reverse Scavenger Hunt

What you’ll need: A D-SLR, a printer, envelopes.
What to do: Take pictures of, say, ten places or things (more or less to suit your needs). Place an envelope next to each thing or in each place. Print out each picture and make copies, enough to give each member of the hunt one copy of each picture. Put the person’s name on the back of each set of photographs (so, Cindy’s set of pictures would say “Cindy” on the back of each one).
How to play: Each scavenger hunt participant gets one set of photographs, and they have to go find the place or thing featured on the photograph. Once they find the envelope for that place or thing, they need to place their copy of the corresponding photograph into the envelope (and leave the envelope there for the other participants).
How to win: The person who finds all of the places/things and puts all of their pictures in the corresponding envelopes wins.
Alternate gameplay: If each scavenger participant has their own camera, you can also send them all out to take photos of a list of places/things, and the first person to return with photographic evidence of each item wins.

Do you have an idea for a photography-related game? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Photo Credits (in order of appearance):
- “Self Portrait” by Zachd1_618 on Flickr Creative Commons.
- “Monkey Bars” by DieselDemon on Flickr Creative Commons.

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