Poll – Hobbyist, Amateur, or Professional?

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We at Beyond Megapixels constantly strive to provide our readers with articles that are geared toward their specific interests. With that in mind, we have been posting monthly polls on a number of subjects in order to better know and understand our readers.

This month’s poll is regarding the capacity in which our readers use their photography skills.

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For the sake of the poll, I attributed certain definitions to “hobbyist”, “amateur”, “semi-professional”, and “professional”. Certainly there can be a lot of debate on what constitutes each of these types of photographer.

For myself, I have at one time or another been all of those things. I think it is somewhat of a natural progression to move from hobbyist to amateur, as your skills grow and you gain confidence in the concept of sharing your work. If you have further ambitions, the path to becoming a professional photographer often follows a course of barter and exchange, then payment. At this point in time I share my photography skills in two ways – I share my photos with my readership on my personal website, and I also have paying clients requiring my photography services.

So tell us where you are at along this progression! Do you just take photos for the love of it, or are you fortunate enough to combine that love of photography with bartering or paying opportunities? Do thousands of people view your work, or do you only share your photographs with those closest to you? Do you have ambitions to move from a hobbyist or amateur, to a professional photographer? Share your thoughts in the comments, and thanks for participating!

Photo credit: Tiffany Joyce.

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