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I have been doing a LOT of research on the right camera/laptop gear bag or backpack, suitable for my personal application and amount of gear. I spent, no joke, at least three weeks perusing different options and product websites. I finally decided upon the Lowepro Fastpack 350.

This backpack-style camera and laptop case has all the versatility I require, and yet is not heavy (by itself – stuffed with ALL of my gear it is!) or too bulky. It’s very sturdily constructed and the backpack is of the hiking style, with a waist belt and sternum strap. There are a myriad of pockets and customizable storage areas to suit any arsenal of camera gear, and the laptop sleeve accommodates up to seventeen inches. There’s plenty of padding everywhere to suitably protect whatever you might stuff into the thing.

I took a bazillion pictures in order to demonstrate the capacity and versatility of the bag. Up top is the front view, here are the back view, a look inside the front zip pocket, and a look at the front pocket revealed under a flap. Click to enlarge.

Then we’ve got the open front pocket, the access panel that zips open along the side for quick camera removal (at the top you can see the two little pockets for memory card storage), and an angle on the laptop sleeve. Click to enlarge.

Next we have the access panel oriented with the bag in its upright position, and the fully opened camera gear storage area. You can see from this photo where the camera body and attached lens would be stashed, lens inward with the back of the camera facing the zipper. Last is an included removable pouch that comes with the bag. Again, click to enlarge.

Here is everything that fit into the bag, with room to spare. Not shown are my Canon DSLR, 17-55mm lens with hood, and battery grip. Because I was using them to take the pictures with, of course! On my pool table, no less, and pardon the lack of studio photography refinement. Anyway, rest assured it all fit comfortably with more room for more stuff. The laptop is a 16.4 inch.

As I mentioned, once fully packed it was pretty heavy, but that’s to be expected. The bag stands securely upright when placed on the floor, which I like. Don’t have to worry about it toppling over as I grapple with plane tickets and baggage claim stubs during our travels this summer. Which is precisely why I was in the market for a new camera bag. I highly recommend this one!

Photo credits (all): Tiffany Joyce.

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  • Everardo -Paco-

    I probably searched just as long and also reached the same choice, this is a great bag for the $$

  • Tyler Rogers

    I'll add another positive review,
    I purchased it with travel in mind, While it's not the most convenient for super fast access while shooting, It is ideal for traveling.
    Lots of room for a laptop, and I keep my 50-200 2.8 (Same size as a 70-200 for all you non Olympus folks) attached to my camera, with loads of room to spare.
    From a comfort standpoint, it's the best I've found. Last trip I was on the bag weighed in at 35 pounds with my laptop, Camera gear, and other geek stuff.
    Despite the weight it was extremely comfortable while wearing and walking.

    The front flap that prevents the camera compartment zippers from being opened is one of the many nice touches that went into this bag.

    Definitely recommended

  • Bill Booz

    Tiffany, good review. Thanks. I, too, have purchased this bag, though I was extremely happy with my Lowepro Slingshot 200. However, I felt the Slingshot lacked enough space in the top compartment for personal, non-photo 'stuff' for when I am traveling. For example, when one can only have one carry-on bag (and this, unfortunately, is becoming more common and, so it seems, is often random) and I want to carry my current paperback book, etc. I just recently moved to a 13″ MacBook Pro from a 17″ which I never even considered carrying with me, but the 13″ is something I could handle, but not with the Slingshot.

    So, like you, Tiffany, I did a lot of research and landed on the Fastpack 350. I got it about six weeks ago just before we took a trip to Seattle (from Virginia) and was able to take it on that trip. Though it did, in fact, provide me with somewhat more space for personal stuff, I had a harder time getting my camera gear packed in as nicely as it seemed to go in with the Slingshot 200! I have a Rebel XTi, 50mm, 28-135mm, 70-200mm, f/4, and the 580 IIEX flash unit, plus assorted cables, batteries, etc. I did fit all in and it was perfect for the travel part of the trip (fit under plane seat or in overhead, etc.), but it just didn't seem to be as easy to access pieces for swapping when I was out shooting. Plus, it seems considerably bulkier than the Slingshot and, especially in a place like Seattle, it has no disappearing rain shield! So, I had to spend another $20 or so to get a rain cover that also now has to fit inside the bag some place!

    Don't get me wrong: it is a great bag and I DO like it, but it is more like carrying a backpack (after all, that is what it is! <g>) than the Slingshot was.

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  • Tiffany Joyce

    I have yet to try any of the Slingshot products, but yes, my camera tends to be bulky with lens, hood, and grip, so though I’d *like* to use a more streamlined bag, it really isn’t in the cards for me!

  • Sunny

    Great review! I am planning on buying this bag as my old bag is getting a bit small trying to fit my new equipment into. I am researching and reading reviews about this bag for quite a while.

    May I offer a tip for future buyers. Currently, at the time of this comment, the prices on Ebay is actually cheaper than Amazon by like $40! If you do get one, make sure you compare the prices.