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This weekend I would like to encourage our readers to learn something new about the subject of photography, and apply what you have learned. Photography is an ever-evolving challenge, and we need to constantly renew and add to our skills toolbox. Here are some resources and suggestions to get you started and give you some ideas.

One – Check out our Getting Started With Photography page. If you haven’t visited it recently, remember that it’s updated frequently to give you a one-stop resource for “getting started” type articles published on Beyond Megapixels. Some suggestions for new skills to learn are Going Manual – Learning Exposure Basics, Six Tips for Photographing Wildflowers, or How to Make a Light Box and Macro Studio for Under $20.

Two – Delve into the video tutorial resources found on Kelby TV. Episode 43 of D-Town TV talks about polarizing filters, keeping your gear safe while traveling, and other interesting topics. Episode 30 has information on taking sharper photos, and how to photograph snow scenes (not a topic for this season, but something to keep in mind for later in the year!). Photoshop Killer Tips offers this tutorial for creating the same White Balance presets for your JPEG files as you get for your Raw files. Or check out this tutorial for the many uses of the Liquify tool. There are tons of other channels and videos, so be sure to explore!

Three – Check out a photography book from the library. We sometimes forget about the wonderful resources that the library has to offer us, immersed as we are in this digital age. To give you some ideas, take a look at our Best Books page for book recommendations and reviews.

Once you have chosen the topic you wish to learn about, read up on it and then give it a try! The best way to really learn something new is to apply it until you become familiar with it. Another way to really learn about something in an in-depth way is to teach someone else the technique. Whatever you choose to pursue, good luck, and please share your learnings in the comments!

Photo Credit – Tiffany Joyce.

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