June Photo Challenge

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Each month we feature a month-long “challenge”: one photographic “theme” in which participants are encouraged to take photos of a certain subject or concept, and one “technical challenge” in which participants will use a certain photography technique. Contributors can either combine the theme and the technique in a single photograph, or in individual photographs that demonstrate one or the other. Everyone is encouraged to post their results in the Beyond Megapixels Photo Pool on Flickr.

This month’s theme is “city”. Some suggestions would be shooting a city scape or skyline, capturing some long exposure shots of traffic light trails, getting architectural shots of skyscrapers (from the top or the bottom), and the like.

This month’s technical challenge is “HDR”. Readers are encouraged to use this technique, and either combine it with this month’s theme, or use a different subject for your HDR photograph contributions. Here is a great HDR Tutorial Roundup provided by Tutorial Blog to help you with your efforts. I myself will be posting an HDR tutorial later in the month, after I brush up on my own skills!

To post your submissions in the Beyond Megapixels Flickr Group Pool, go to this link. Only members can post to the pool, but it’s a very simple and FREE process (you must have a Flickr account, which is also simple and free). Simply click on the “Join This Group” link (as illustrated in the screen shot below) and follow the prompts to join the pool.

Please tag each contribution with “June Photo Challenge”. Contributor photos are always highlighted in an entry at about mid-month, so tagging your photos helps us determine which Group pictures were intended as part of the challenge. We also post a group discussion thread in the Flickr Group at the beginning of each month, for contributors to share their experiences about the challenge.

If you’d like, you can also post a link to your contribution in the comments of this article. Have fun, and we look forward to seeing your results!

Photo Credits (in order of appearance):
- “City of lights” by Dexxus on Flickr Creative Commons.
- “Warehouse HDR” by Mescon on Flickr Creative Commons.

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