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If you’re like me, you LOVE gadgetry. I adore miscellaneous little inventions and attachments and whatnots that are fun and easy to use. Many of them, while being novel and cool, may also increase productivity, provide added convenience, or improve photographic outcomes.

Here are a handful of gadgets that I’ve come across (many from the last handful of pages of my Popular Photography magazines, where they list the advertisements) that I’d love to try out.

The JOBO GPS001 photoGPS Geo Tagging Flash Shoe captures geo data on site as you take your photograph (it attaches to your camera’s hot shoe). It combines the GPS data and location with the picture, which would come in exceedingly handy if you take, oh, a thousand or so pictures during the course of a vacation (which I’ve been known to do). I’ll sometimes look at a photo and think to myself, “Okay, now, where was this taken, again?” So. Cool gadget!

If you like the Gorillapod, you’ll also like the Joby Gorillatorch Adjustable and Flexible Tripod Flashlight! Operating on the same flexible mount principles, the Gorillatorch will provide you with a lighting solution that’s applicable to just about any photography circumstance you can think of! Personally, I would use this as a handy task light when setting up my camera for nighttime shots. It’s hard to adjust the aperture and shutter speed when you can’t see the buttons.

Do you have a bunch of old VHS videos, or Mini 8′s, or other types of video formats that you’d love to be able to convert to digital? The iConvert Video Converter can record any kind of video as a digital file – you can even hook it up to your TV and digitally record television shows. This would come in exceedingly handy for all of those VHS tapes I have of my kids’ childhoods. Not to mention my wedding videos!

A 3-Axis Bubble Level attaches to your camera’s hotshoe and provides a physical, visual indicator of your camera’s alignment. I don’t know about you, but I occasionally find myself having to straighten my photos in Photoshop in post processing, because I didn’t notice that my camera was a bubble off when I shot the picture. “Eyeballing” how straight a camera is lined up is a hit and miss process, at best. So, this is a handy gadget to have around!

The Photojojo Store is like crack to me, but when I saw this White Balance Lens Cap I thought, “OH MAN, what a great idea!” With your camera set to custom White Balance mode, you actually take a picture with the White Balance Lens Cap affixed to your lens, and the camera creates the correct white balance profile of the actual lighting conditions you’re photographing.

How about you guys? Have you come across, or do you own, some cool photography gadgetry that you’d like to tell us about? Comment away!

Photo credit – “Memories of Summer” by Emzee on Flickr Creative Commons.

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  • Tyler Wainright

    Although $55 is kinda steep, I might have to pick up one of those WB lens caps. In auto mode, my D90 never seems to get the white balance the way I like it and this seems like a great solution. Thanks for sharing.