Worldwide Photo Walk 2010

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The third annual Worldwide Photo Walk, organized by the ubiquitous Scott Kelby, kicks off on July 24th of this year. Last year, over 32,000 people in over 900 locations participated. There is no fee to participate, but signing up in time for the city of your choice before it’s full can be VERY tricky as participation is typically limited to fifty photographers per location. The money raised by the sale of Photo Walk merchandise goes to support the kids at the Springs of Hope orphanage in Kenya. The event is primarily for the benefit of local photographers, who get the chance to mingle and explore a city and learn and share with one another. There are also a few prizes awarded to the best overall photo taken that day, from among all of the worldwide locations.

Why should you join? Well, go here are read this, or go here and watch this. Basically, it’s loads of fun, gets you out and about with your camera, and breaks us sometimes solitary photographers out of our isolated little worlds and into a great social situation with other photographers.

So sign up, if there’s still room in your city! Go here to find a Walk near you. Personally, I will be flying back to Arizona from my vacation in Maine on the 24th, so I will be unable to participate. If I were just staying one more day I would have joined one of Maine’s photo walks. Oh well. Next year!

So what do you do if your city’s scheduled walk is full? Well, you can always apply to lead a walk. Or, you can organize a neighborhood photo walk of your own. Gather together a group of your family or friends, pick a starting point and an ending point, reserve space with a restaurant for post-walk refreshments and conversation, and just have fun!

Have you ever participated in a Photo Walk? If so, we’d be delighted if you would share your experiences in the comments!

Photo Credit: “Worldwide Photowalk 2009 – Honolulu” by madmarv on Flickr Creative Commons.

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