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A high impact way to show off your favorite photos is to have them printed on canvas. The effect is amazing and gives a whole new life to your otherwise missed disregarded digital photos. Having my photo printed on a stretch canvas by uprinting proved to be a painless process with only a few little issues that were easily resolved.

I decided to have one of my wedding photos printed on the canvas and easily uploaded the photo to the website. The design of Uprinting’s website made the process nearly seamless from beginning to end. I did have some difficulty when I accidently selected the wrong size for my photo and did not realize this until near the end of my order. Finding no easy way to go back and edit the size option I had to begin my project all over again. Other then this minor inconvenience the website was clear and concise about what I needed to do at each step of the process. The different options available for the photo were made obvious enough that a novice like me could figure out exactly what options I wanted for my photo with little investigation on my part. The free proof is a welcome option that at first I thought I would bypass until I read on further and discovered that a real person was going to review my photo within the next 24 hours to insure less obvious problems with my photo were properly resolved before being sent to the printer.

My only other difficulty was when the website had a difficult time figuring out where to ship my photo based on my location in Washington State. It kept saying it did not recognize my address in California but I had selected Washington! The website would not let me continue until I selected a shipping option so I selected the only one available (Los Angeles local pick-up) and was able to continue navigating to the next step and later add the proper address.

When I received my photo I was blown away by the results. The stretched canvas looked amazing and the colors were beautiful as well. I was convinced immediate that is one of the best ways to display your digital photos and will be sure to do this again.

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