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Friends, sometimes the internet can be a poisonous place. Denizens of the ‘net can be harsh critics indeed, and we all need to be reminded to be kind and gracious. To that end, I would like you all to do something for me, and for yourselves, this weekend.

Encourage one another.

By encouraging one another we can see improvements in our overall mood and outlook on life. We all benefit, by the giving of kindness and by the receiving of it. So take a few moments out of your busy weekend to spread a little good will toward your fellow photography enthusiasts. Pick a handful of photos out of the Flickr Photo Group, or from the Photography-B&H Photo & BeyondMegapixels Facebook Page. Post a comment and give a little encouragement to the photographer. Let them know the qualities of the photograph that you really appreciated, and why you were drawn to that photograph. Tell them what they did exceptionally well. Above all, keep it positive!

I’ll start off, with photos I’ve seen on the Flickr Group.

By Warpdrive on the Beyond Megapixels Flickr Group.

Warpdrive offered this lovely photo of Nanga Parbat in northern Pakistan as a contribution to the August Photo Challenge. There are so many things I love about this photo. The colors, certainly, and the way the reflections in the water create symmetry. It also appears that the shot was taken during one of the “golden times” – dawn or dusk – adding lovely contrast and shadows. What a wonderful shot!

By Sam Thurlow on the Beyond Megapixels Flickr Group.

This shot by Sam Thurlow makes me think that I need to do a monthly challenge on insects in the near future. This is a FANTASTIC example of what extraordinary shots we can get from point and shoot cameras (Sam’s EXIF data reveals that he took this with a Fujifilm FinePix F60fd). This shot is composed beautifully, and I love how the focus is soft near the tips of the wings, but sharpens at the head and antennae, as well as on the stalk of grass. Congratulations on such a well-timed shot!

By The Edge on the Beyond Megapixels Flickr Group.

I LOVE the post-processing performed on this shot by The Edge. It’s so very delicate, yet dramatic at the same time. Simple, but powerful. Great use of depth of field, as well. Just stunning.

By Wes Brown on the Beyond Megapixels Photo Group on Flickr.

Wes Brown did a great job on this portrait. It made me smile right away, which is certainly a reaction worth striving for in photography. I love how portraiture has come so far from the stiff and stilted poses in front of department store backdrops. The arrangement here is unique and fun, as well as being well-lit and well-executed. The exposure is just perfect, which can sometimes be hard to do with so much white in a photograph. Well done as usual, Wes!

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