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I am looking for volunteers for my upcoming article series, “Fix My Pic”. The series will give the readers of Beyond Megapixels the opportunity to submit photographs for analysis and advice. Topics may include exposure correction, composition advice, Photoshop enhancement, and the like. The intent of the series is to provide a learning opportunity for common photography issues and their solutions. Responses will be personalized to the specific photograph, and will always be issued in a respectful, non-critical, and professional manner.

Participants can submit their photographs via the “Contribute to Fix My Pic” discussion on Flickr. Please ensure any photographs submitted for consideration are able to be downloaded from Flickr. To edit this capability for an individual photograph (without changing global settings), choose one of the Creative Commons licenses under the “rights” settings for that photograph.

It takes a certain amount of bravery to open yourself up for analysis and critique. I understand how difficult it can sometimes be, which is why I am extremely grateful for any participants who wish to volunteer their work. While I can’t guarantee that I will have the opportunity to write articles for all of the photographs submitted, I will make a concerted effort to include as many as possible, and I will try to respond to everyone at the very least.

Direct any questions to the comments, or to the Flickr discussion topic. Thanks, and I look forward to your contributions!

Photo Credit: Tiffany Joyce.

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