Photo Fix in Corel Paintshop Pro X3

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Quite some time ago I came across some old rolls of undeveloped film. I had them developed and put onto a CD, and when I opened the files I saw that the photo quality was very poor, due to the age of the film.

I decided to try my hand and enhancing and improving this photo, using Corel Paintshop Pro X3. Upon opening the file, I clicked on “Express Lab” in the top right hand corner.

Once in Express Lab, I used the red eye tool to remove the redness from both girls’ eyes. First I clicked on the tool, which in this screen shot is the icon on the left:

Next I hovered the round cursor over each eye, and clicked until the redness was removed:

Next, I wanted to remove all the grainy noise from the overall image. In order to do this, I clicked on the “One Step Noise Removal” tool, which in this screen shot is the icon on the right:

Just clicking on the tool once removes almost all of the general noise in the photograph:

Next, I clicked on the “Sharpen” tool, which in this screen shot is the middle icon:

I felt that the levels needed some adjustment, so I clicked once on the “Smart Photo Fix” icon, which in this screen shot is the very center icon:

Then I clicked one more time on the “One Step Noise Removal” tool, since some additional graininess appeared when I “fixed” the photo. I then exited the Express Lab, saving my changes to the image. Back in the organizer screen, I clicked on the “Image” menu, then selected “Picture Frame”. I chose a frame that would draw attention to the girls faces and hide the distracting background:

This is the final image:

Side by side comparison:

Believe it or not, I followed this process the very first time I ever even opened Corel PhotoShop Photo. I’d never used it before, and the whole process of figuring all of that out took me thirty minutes, tops. Just a testament to how user friendly this program is.

Photo credits (all): Tiffany Joyce

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