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How often do you use a flash in your photography?

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Photo Credit: “Studio Works” by Krystiano on Flickr Creative Commons.

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  • http://weheartyarn.blogspot.com Gail

    I have to add, that although I prefer natural/available lighting I live in the Pacific NW, which means alot of cloudy and dark days between autumn and early summer. I wish I had better control over my speedlight to create more natural looking light when the days are gray.

  • http://andromeda.qc.ca Sherina

    I usually use natural light but in some cases I’ll either use my external flash or even the pop-up flash on the camera (as much as I hate using that one). Usually if I use flash it’s in a case where the lighting is low and I don’t want any motion blur – generally if it’s just a snapshot like a group of friends where we just want to remember a fun time together as opposed to a great technical/creative shot.

  • http://photogeekwear.com Photogeek

    Few years ago I hated all kinds of flash. Last year I started to use them more often, did some workshops and tried different types. Now I love them. I usually use the Nikon CLS with 2 flashes and some light shapers.