Set Your Goals for 2011

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Setting periodic goals for yourself is an excellent way to continue to enhance your photography skills. We are now less than two months away from 2011 (it sneaked up on us so fast!), so now is a great time to start thinking about what you’d like to accomplish in the forthcoming year. Following is a list of twenty ideas to help get your goal-setting process started.

1 – Take a photography class or workshop.
2 – Create a plan and a budget for purchasing your next piece of photographic equipment.
3 – Get into flash photography.
4 – Enter a photograph into a photography competition.
5 – Plan and organize a neighborhood photo walk.
6 – Throughly research and learn a skill you don’t currently posses (something like HDR, or motion blur, or photographing the night sky).
7 – Take more self-portraits (if you’re anything like me, you spend MUCH more time behind the camera than in front of it).
8 – Learn about and follow new photographic industry leaders (Facebook, Twitter, blogs).
9 – Conduct an old-school photo project – use a film camera for a while.
10 – Create an inexpensive home studio (a forthcoming article will discuss how to do this).
11 – Swap out the framed photos on your walls with new ones.
12 – Create a photography website or on-line portfolio (we’ll discuss this in an upcoming article as well).
13 – Stop putting off that colossal digital/physical photo organizing project you KNOW you need to get to (mine are WOEFULLY disorganized).
14 – You’ve got a tripod, right? Well then, shoot your own family portraits, then share them with your family and friends (hello next year’s Christmas cards!).
15 – Learn about lighting, and the use of natural and artificial light sources.
16 – Branch out into learning how to shoot quality video (lots of great still shots can be attained this way, too!).
17 – Set a goal to read a certain number of photography-oriented books.
18 – Rent and learn to use different types of photography equipment (lenses, lights, specialized gear, even different camera models). You don’t need to wait until you can afford to buy it!
19 – Find a photography mentor, or become a photography mentor.
20 – Become a member of a photographic association or club.

Do you have any ideas for photographic goals to add to the list? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments!

Photo credit: “Goals, Goals, Goals” by lululemon athletica on Flickr Creative Commons.

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  • TJ McDowell

    We’ve set our goal this year as being a top performing studio financially. We’ve been getting closer over the last 2 years, and I think this next year it will be in reach.