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My husband and I spent the weekend buzzing around town on his motorcycle (sorry to rub in the fact that we’re enjoying 70-degree weather here in Arizona at the moment). As such I didn’t bring my camera along, even though I continued to look at the day with a photographer’s eye.

I really must get myself a quality point-and-shoot. The D-SLR is just too bulky to carry on the back of a motorcycle. Or, perhaps I should convince my husband to invest in some saddle bags!

As we rode along, I observed the photographic opportunities within my eyesight. As we strolled along Mill Avenue (Arizona State University’s territory), and later along the streets of Old Town Scottsdale, I held in my mind the ideas that I had for photographic opportunities on a return trip to the area. Then I expanded the thought to include other things that I’d like to photograph within the state, within the nation, and all over the world. Hence, my “Photographic Bucket List” was born. Fellow Beyond Megapixels writer Steve Russel wrote a recent article on the same subject; I thought I would complement his list with a list of my own. My own spin includes some specific goals for achieving some of these shots in 2011, and expands the list to include local, national, and global subjects and projects.

Sawgrass blooms past  their prime

- The Skysong Center, ASU’s Innovation and Technology Center, has some very fascinating architectural features. It is my goal to photograph the center at sunset – Arizona is quite famous for its glowing and colorful sunsets, and the color of the sky will reflect beautifully off of the pale canvas structure at Skysong’s entrance.
- There are several excellent vantages from Camelback Mountain in Phoenix that overlook the entire valley. It is my goal to take some long-exposure night shots of the city. My husband and I have already scoped out several good locations so it’s just a matter of taking advantage of a clear evening.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Maine

- It has always been a personal dream of mine to travel the entire length of the coast of Maine and photograph each and every lighthouse present in the state. With over sixty lighthouses, some quite challenging to get to, I’m sure this project would be quite a rewarding adventure. My husband and I plan to move back to the east coast in the future, so I have high hopes that this dream will become a reality.
- I’ve always wanted to walk the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, and fortunately I’ll have the opportunity to do so in May. My husband will be spending a couple of weeks in Chicago on business, and I’m going to fly out and meet him there for a long weekend. This will be a grand opportunity to practice my street photography. I also hope to be able to find a vantage point in a tall building so I can take some cityscapes.


- My husband and I are great fans of Formula One racing. We watch every international race on television with great interest, and have often discussed how fun it would be to possess extreme wealth (come on lottery!) and have the ability to tour for an entire season with the race around the globe. One race in particular that we’d love to attend is the event in Monaco. The likelihood of accomplishing this dream is rare, but that’s the purpose of a bucket list, right? To dream a little?
- Ireland has always held a special spot in my heart, and I have yet to visit the Emerald Isle. Living in America as I do, to dedicate the amount of time I wish to spend in Ireland would be quite an investment. After all, I don’t want to make such a long trip only to spend a week racing from spot to spot, do I? I want to spend several weeks, even a month, taking my time and soaking up everything that Ireland has to offer. So, this too is relegated to the “some day” category. Oh, I wish! I hope!

I could go on and on, and list at least a hundred different destinations in each category of coveted photographic opportunities. What are YOUR subject goals for 2011 and beyond? Please share with us in the comments!

Photo credits Tiffany Joyce, with the exception of “Monaco Port” by Salvatore Freni Jr on Flickr Creative Commons.

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