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Announcing some very exciting news! Henceforth, Steve Russell and Tiffany Joyce are no longer just the content writers, but have also formed a partnership and have become the owners of Beyond Megapixels.

There are many future plans for the website which will benefit you – our fans, readers, and loyal supporters. Forthcoming changes will include improvements to the look and feel of the site, expanded content, and more opportunities for reader engagement. Steve and Tiffany have also acquired the accompanying Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr sites which have so richly added to the Beyond Megapixels community. Of course, this transition will not be accomplished overnight, so your support is greatly appreciated while all of the details are finalized.

Over the last six months, Tiffany and Steve have developed a friendship that has grown into a strong partnership. Their different backgrounds and life experiences (which you can read more about on the Writers page) is one of the strengths they bring to this site and to their writing. At Beyond Megapixels you’ll get differing perspectives which will broaden your understanding of photography; from time to time one may write an article on the same subject the other has written about just to demonstrate a different viewpoint.

Progressing from freelance writing to site ownership is a big responsibility and one that both Steve and Tiffany are eager to tackle. There will be a lot of work ahead in order to grow this site to its full potential; we hope that you, our readers, are also excited about the future of Beyond Megapixels.

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section of this article, or e-mail them to info [@]

Thank you very sincerely for your continued support! It’s going to be an exciting year!

Steve Russell and Tiffany Joyce

Photo credit: Follow the Light by familymwr on Flickr Creative Commons.

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  • George

    Good luck, Steve. Shame we haven’t met yet, but I’m sure we will with Peter S. or somehow in New Mexico.
    George (

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  • Jen

    Congrats! Glad to know we can count on the two of you to continue to provide such great content!

  • Jim

    I am happy for you both, best wishes and all that good stuff.

  • Drizzt Do`Urden

    Keep up the good work, best of wished to Both of you from Hungary!

  • JO

    You’ll do great and we will all benefit from your skills. Thx!

  • Jim

    I am glad you have teamed up, however I was sad to see that Yahoo no longer carries your column. So I have bookmarked your website, I have learned so much about my camera (Nikon D70s) to lose track of your great writing. Thanks for making photography a way for an old man to occupy his last days.