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I’ve noticed that there aren’t a lot of camera gear storage solutions out there. At least, none that are designed specifically for storing camera equipment. Most photographers seem to cobble together their own solutions – a shelf in their closet, a dresser or cabinet re-appointed from its original intended use, stuffed camera bags stashed in the corner, or expensive custom-made cabinetry.

Recently, I found myself fed-up with the inconvenience of my own (nonexistent) gear storage – the shelf in my closet, awkwardly positioned behind the hanging clothes, and a couple of camera bags whose location kept shifting around the bedroom. I had camera bodies, batteries, lenses, cleaning accouterments, straps, memory cards, and a bunch of miscellaneous mish-mash just kind of strewn about and very disorganized.

Worse, given the desert climate that I live in, dust was intruding everywhere. It’s very hard to keep an Arizona household free of dust, and it seemed to be particularly attracted to my camera gear.

My husband was in the market for a gun safe, and during his selection process it occurred to me that such a safe would be the perfect solution for my own gear storage needs. Of course, I would need different types of shelving and had no need at all for mounting brackets, and a combination safe seemed a little over the top for my requirements, but the idea started taking shape.

I finally decided upon the Stack-On Convertible 18 Gun Cabinet (Model # GCB-18C), which I purchased for under $200.00. Its dimensions are 21″ W (53cm), 18″ D (45.7cm), 55″ H (140cm), and the shelving is able to be installed in several different ways depending on your preference. I went with a long shelf across the top, one shelf on the left hand side near the top, and three shelves along the right hand side, leaving a tall open space on the left hand side under the shelf for storing camera bags and tripods. Each shelf comes with a foam liner to provide a soft surface upon which to lay your gear. The door is secured with a key lock.

I wouldn’t say assembly was a breeze – it’s certainly a job for two people (and some beer) – but it only took my husband and I about forty-five minutes to put together. And then I spent a happy hour tracking down all of my camera gear and putting it into its new home. As you can see from the photo above, the cabinet can store quite a bit of stuff comfortably. I still have plenty of room for more gear if (when!) I make any purchases.

The safe on the right is the one my husband decided upon for his guns. So they sit, side by side in our bedroom, each a storage solution for two very different types of shooting.

What is your gear storage solution? Give us some of your great ideas in the comments!

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  • Craig Mullenbach

    Actually, my gear is in my bag or in my hand. I don’t really “store” it per se. I shoot wildlife and always want my camera handy.

  • Robert Tan Cy

    for me, just simply put everything in the camera bag and pun inside the cupboard…

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