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By now you may have noticed that we’ve been doing some modifications to the website. Additional features, specialized content, and a new look are in the works, but for now we hope that the changes that we’ve made have improved your experience while visiting Beyond Megapixels. Here are some areas that we’d like to call your attention to in particular:

On the Main Page you will see the icons for Top Cameras, Best Books, Top Lenses, and Getting Started With Photography. Each page is updated on a frequent basis, so be sure to drop in periodically to check out the new content!

  • Top Cameras: This page consolidates all of the camera reviews that have been featured on Beyond Megapixels, as well as a list of the camera models that we recommend.
  • Best Books: On this page you will find an archive of book, magazine, and DVD reviews, as well as links to the books that we recommend for photographers.
  • Top Lenses: You will find a list of featured lens reviews on the Top Lenses page, as well as links to the lenses that we highly recommend.
  • Getting Started With Photography: The Getting Started with Photography page is a valuable resource for beginning photographers, as well as experienced photographers who wish to brush up on their skills. This page is continually updated each time we publish an article that particularly suits this topic.

In an effort to further tailor our content to your specific needs, each week we will feature a new poll on the left hand side of the main page. The results of the polls will directly effect the type of information we provide you, so please be sure to participate so we can better suit your needs!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter by following these links or clicking on the badges on the right hand side of the main page. We have a fun and engaging group of friends at both networks who will be sure to entertain you as well as provide you with enlightened and timely information about the latest updates in the world of photography. Also, you can subscribe to our site in your feed reader by clicking one of the buttons provided on the main page, or by simply adding our URL ( to your feed reader’s “Add A Subscription” or “New Subscription” field.

The Beyond Megapixels Flickr Group is over 800 members strong and growing. Share your photographs and receive encouragement and feedback from Beyond Megapixels staff as well as other group members. The latest photographs submitted to the group appear on the photo badge at the top right hand corner of the website. Everyone is welcome to join!

Did you know that we have nearly 100 article categories to choose from, and archives that go back as far as November of 2007? That’s a LOT of photographic knowledge to peruse, so if you’re looking for help on something specific, try finding it the archive and category search functions on the left hand side of the page. You can also search the entire website via keywords by using the search box at the top right-hand corner of the page.

Finally, as always, we encourage you to provide us with feedback so that we can continue to improve our website and our relationship with our readers. Feel free to leave a (kind and constructive!) comment on any article, and e-mail us at info (at) beyondmegapixels (dot) com.

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