Summer Is Coming

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Here in Florida where I currently live, and in Arizona where Tiffany currently lives, summer is starting to remind us why we really, really like fall, winter and spring. With summer comes the heat, sometimes oppressive heat, and while it doesn’t get as hot here as it does in Arizona we do have something that Arizona doesn’t have, humidity in the 70 and 80 percent range to go along with the 95 degree temperatures. I mention this because when it gets so hot, and during the summer it’s usually hot everywhere in the northern hemisphere, it’s really difficult to get motivated to grab your camera and go outside to photograph the world around us. Keep in mind, though, that there are great photo ops in the summer and you really don’t want to miss them. For example:

Reston's Version of an Open Fire Hydrant
Summer time in Pigtown
summer in the city
Hot weather, children and water fountains or even, if you’re lucky, fire hydrants, can offer some very interesting subjects to photograph. This is especially true in New York City where playing in the water of an opened fire hydrant seems to be a rite of passage. When you’re finished taking photos, you can have someone hold your camera and get into the water yourself.

photographing dogs
Summer Days
dog days of summer
Follow the dogs. Summer and dogs just seem to go together. They don’t have to be your dog. Parks, beaches, backyard wading pools are all places where dogs can be found.

Refreshments on a Hot Day
A hot day
Hot Day
Laguna Beach
I think that summer provides an opportunity for very interesting street photography. There is a certain mood, a certain story that comes through photographs of people when the temperatures outside rise above 90 degree Fahrenheit/ 32 degrees Celsius. To me, this is one area of photography that works best in black & white.

Fireworks scheveningen 2008_2
Fireworks 02
What is summer photography without fireworks? Besides, it’s usually a little cooler after sunset.

These are just a few of summer activities that deserve photographic consideration. Add to these air shows, picnics, sporting events, and the list goes on. Don’t let your camera gather dust over the summer. Yes, the joy of spring is over, and the majesty of fall has yet to arrive, but the summer offers awesome opportunities as well.

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