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Most of us have taken at least one photo that we’d like to hang on a wall in our home or office? Often when we do, we get an 8”x10” print of the image, go to our favorite store to buy a frame, slap the photo in the frame and hang it on the wall.

But, what if we have an image that we want to be displayed in a much larger format, like 11”x14” or 17”x22”? I have recently had a very satisfying experience with a company named Acrylic Pix. I sent digital files of two images to Acrylic Pix and what I received in return was amazing.

One was this image of a quiet pathway through a city park. The scene caught my eye when I was walking through the park and the image turned out much better than I had anticipated. Acrylic Pix printed the image on acrylic and the result was very good. The print came with a 1” float mount attached complete with hardware and ready to hang on the wall. A sample of an image on acrylic using a float mount provided by Acrylic Pix is shown below.

The second print was this one of a reddish egret at sunrise with a small morsel of food suspended between the upper and lower part of its beak. Because this image was somewhat monochromatic to begin with, I converted it to black & white before I forwarded it. Acrylic Pix printed this image on aluminum that was formed into a 1 inch box. A sample of an image reproduced on aluminum and formed into a 1 inch box is shown below. This image also provided by Acrylic Pix.

Here are some things I liked about the experience and working with Acrylic Pix:
• They offer an extensive range of print sizes – from 10×12 to 40×50 in acrylic and aluminum and from 8×24 to 20×60 for panoramic scenes
• If the size you want isn’t on their list, they will work with you to produce the size you want – within the limitations of their equipment of course
• They offer the acrylic prints either with or without a sintra backing
• In addition to the float mounting, they can produce a 1 inch or two inch box mount
• A wide range of borders is available
• They accept both JPEG and TIFF files
• They are very knowledgeable and easy to work with

What I didn’t like about the experience:
• Well, practically nothing
• The acrylic image was somewhat darker than I would have liked but that was mostly my fault because I failed to make a couple of adjustments before I sent the file to them.

Probably the best indication of my assessment of the experience and the product is that I’ve already had preliminary discussions with them about producing some prints that I plan to use for commercial displays.

Here’s the best news. Go check out the website for Acrylic Pix. If you decide to order from them, enter the special offer code beyondmegapixels and receive a 25% discount. This offer is good for an extended period of time so this is a good opportunity to acquire some very nice artwork to hang on your wall.

Acrylic Pix is located in Montreal, Canada and the prices on their website are quoted in Canadian currency.

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