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By Steve Russell

Today is one of those days when I want to share some general information I’ve been saving to combine in a single article.

Recommended Web Site

I was contacted back in April by Ernie Sears who was constructing a web site dedicated to wild bird photography. I have monitored the progress of that site and have decided it’s time to share it with all the BeyondMegapixels readers.

110304_MG_5063_SRP7D_Great Egret

Of course, the fact that he’s posted one of the articles I wrote for BMP and included on his site a permanent link to BeyondMegapixels helps, but I think he’s doing an excellent job creating a place where people can go to view some wonderful examples of bird photography. Here are some comments Ernie wrote in his blog about the site:

It seemed to me that there was no one place on the Internet that focused on really good bird photography other than individual photographer’s sites. That is why I created It is intended to be a site that promotes quality bird photography and great bird photographers. It is not a site to learn about the habits, descriptions, or sounds of birds – there are many great sites out there that do a wonderful job at that. We concentrate on bird photography. You’ll see some photography tips, business information, birding location videos and stories, but mostly you will see great photos and the photographers who made them possible. – Ernie Sears

_MG_7158_030611_Great Egret

I believe that Ernie is well on his way to achieving his goal and recommend you visit American WildBird and see for yourself.

Plans for

When Tiffany and I purchased BeyondMegapixels in March of this year, we discussed a lot of things we wanted to do with the site. One of those was to eventually get to a point that we had new content five days a week. For the most part, we’ve been posting new content three days a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Admittedly, there are times when life and work gets in the way but we’re getting better at it and we’re getting ready to add Tuesday to our current schedule.

Everglades Sunrise 2

If you want to take better photos, you have to grab your camera and go out and take photos; lots of photos. Then review all the images and decide which ones you like. But, before you discard or delete the ones you don’t like or don’t want to keep, compare the ones you don’t like to the ones you do like and determine why you like some and not others. That’s step one.

I once had a teacher that said on more than one occasion the practice didn’t make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. So step two is to look at the work of other photographers and see what you like and don’t like. Determine what sets the photographer apart from all the rest.

Because we believe that step two is very important and that it’s important to learn from others, we’re bringing back the Masters of Photography series that we started back in April in the asides section. This time instead of the asides section the articles will be published on the main page on Tuesdays. We hope you enjoy the articles and that you find value in them.

BeyondMegapixels is on Facebook and Flickr

Did you know that we have a Facebook page? We use the page for every one that “Likes” the page to be able to post their images. On Tuesday of each week, I post a subject and ask everyone to post photos that fit the subject. You’re not restricted to that subject but it’s very interesting to compare all the images that are posted about a subject. Two weeks ago, for example, the subject was “action photography” and the images ranged from running dogs to motorcycles flying through the air to waterfalls. Last week was to post an example of your favorite style of photography and say a few words about why you like it best. I try to keep it both fun and interesting.

If you haven’t already, visit our Facebook page and click on “Like” to become a member of the group and visit us often to post your photos and to see the photos that are posted by others.

To avoid any confusion, this link is to our only Facebook page. There is another page using the name BeyondMegapixels in combination with B&H Photo.

Also, visit our page and join the BeyondMegapixels group on Flickr. We have over 11,000 photos posted there and would love to see it grow to over 20,000 so post your photos with the BeyondMegapixels group on Flickr and share your talent with all of us.

How you can help

While Tiffany and I do this because we love it and have fun with it, we do it primarily for you. Without you, she and I could just send emails to each other.

Because you’re so important to us, we’d love your input. If there are photography subjects you’d like us to write about or something you want to discuss with us, click on “Contact Us” at the top of the home page and send us an email. We really do check the email.

Tell your friends about us. The more people that read the blog, the more we’ll be able to accomplish with the site in the future.

And most of all, grab your camera and go take photos.

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All photos by Steve Russell

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