Unboxing My Birthday Present (and first photos)

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Right up there with unboxing a brand new camera body is unboxing a lens that you’ve coveted for… well, in my case, YEARS. This week, in celebration of my birthday, I finally bought a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L II IS.

Of COURSE I photographed the unboxing when it arrived! And here’s the best tip I can give to you – SAVE all the boxes, the packaging, and anything that was used to stabilize and protect the lens during shipment. If you ever have to send the lens back to the manufacturer for service, you’ll have everything you need to ship it safely. The same tip applies to your camera body, or really any other investment that you’ve made in photographic gear.

One thing I didn’t realize about this particular lens is that it comes with both a lens hood and a very nice lens case. I’d actually purchased a lens hood to go with this lens, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with having an extra one laying around, right?

Okay! So, here are the unboxing photos, followed by the first few photos that I took around the house just to test it out. You’ll see the absolutely incredible lengths both the manufacturer and Amazon went through to protect the lens. Click on each of them to enlarge, and hover over each of them for descriptions. I’d like to note that the photos taken by the lens (the last three at the end of this post) are straight out of the camera, with absolutely no post processing – not even sharpening – applied. I’d also like to note that my pets end up being the guinea pigs (ha!) whenever I get a new piece of gear to try out. They’ve learned to live with it.

I bet you guys know what I’m going to be doing this weekend! Woo hoo!

Removing from Amazon packaging

Canon packaging

Open from this end specifically so you don't miss the software and documents.

Sturdy stabilizing packaging.

The lens, in the case, wrapped in plastic.

The lens in the case.

The lens in the case, wrapped in protective packaging.

The lens and lens hood outside of the case, wrapped in protective packaging.

The assembled lens and hood.

My bearded dragon Lucy, SOOC.

My Bengal Oz, SOOC.

Demonstrating the great bokeh this lens can achieve, a plant in my back yard.  SOOC.

All photos: copyright Tiffany Joyce

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