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As the co-owner of a website whose readership spans the entire globe (hello to our reader from Vanuatu!), I am always very interested in learning about where our readers come from, and what their daily lives look like. So, in light of the article I wrote yesterday, I offer the following weekend challenge for you all. Pick one, pick two, pick all three, or put your own unique spin on it. These weekend challenges are just designed to spark some inspiration and get you out there with camera in-hand!

1. Go outside and photograph your neighborhood. Host a photo walk of one (or take your family along – this is a GREAT project for kids just starting out in photography), walk around your neighborhood, and take shots of those things that appeal to you. This will be a great prep for those of you who are planning on joining a photo walk. As an added challenge, try to stick to a single theme – things that are round, things that are red, flora, fauna, interesting textures, and the like.

2. Go macro and photograph your back yard. This is also a great one for including your kids! Pretend you’re a giant spying on a tiny little world. Grab your macro lens and get down in the dirt – photograph the industrious ants, the texture of a tree trunk, the details of a fallen feather. Conduct a photo walk in your own back yard, covering every inch of it. You’ll be surprised at all the things you discover!

3. Go inside and photograph your home. If it’s cold or rainy outside, that doesn’t mean you can’t play! Photograph a “day in the life” – of yourself, your child, your significant other, or your roommate. Take some self-portraits. Pretend you’re shooting for an architectural or home decor magazine and create classy still-life and lifestyle shots. Pursue a theme within your home – vases, wall hangings, sentimental possessions, or your pets. Cook a delicious meal and photograph each stage of preparing it. Use your imagination!

Please share your photos on our Facebook page or our Flickr group. Most importantly, have fun!!!

Photo: A foggy day in the Maine – this is the view from the bedroom window of my childhood home. Copyright Tiffany Joyce.

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