October Photo Challenge

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By Steve Russell

We haven’t had a monthly challenge in some time but we’re re-starting the feature and plan to have it every month going forward. The monthly challenge is designed to:

• Add to the fun and enjoyment of photography
• Get you out of your comfort zone a little
• Provide a photography theme or subject that you may not have explored before
• Advance your photography skills through experimentation and practice

October is the first month of autumn or fall in the northern hemisphere. (Yes, I know it starts in September but not until the end of the month.) What do you think of when you hear autumn and photography in the same sentence? You think of the the leaves changing colors and all the awesome yellows, reds and oranges that adorn the hardwood trees, of course. Great, but they’re not part of the challenge. Tiffany lives in Arizona and I live in Florida and the leaves don’t change colors where we live so I decided that the challenge for this month would be Autumn Still Life.

I’ve included a few photos I took last year that may give you some ideas plus you probably see multiple examples of still life photography every day. Think about what you’d like to photograph, be creative, set up the still life and have fun. Try different angles, different arrangements, different lighting, etc. Keep in mind that still life photography is all about composition and lighting so whether you use studio lighting, flash or natural light, work with the light to create the best images.

Everyone is encouraged to post their results in the Beyond Megapixels Photo Pool on Flickr, or the Beyond Megapixels Facebook page. Ensure that you tag your photos with “October Photo Challenge”, and PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that if you wish your photograph to be featured in the mid-month contributor’s post, you will need to ensure your photographs are able to be downloaded from Flickr. Otherwise, I cannot obtain the code required to share your photo on the website. The Attribution-NoDerivs Creative Commons license, or the Attribution-ShareAlike license, gives the most protection to your photo, while still allowing it to be downloaded.

All photos by Steve Russell

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