Monthly Photo Challenge – November

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It’s the 3rd of November and time for the monthly photo challenge. Last month it was Autumn Still Life. For November the challenge is photos of entry doors and gates. Grab your camera and go out and shoot photos of entry doors and gates. They can be interesting, whimsical, colorful or you just happen to like the way it turned out as a photo. After the next paragraph, which you must read, there are a number of shots of doors and gates that will hopefully give you some ideas. Tiffany and I will judge the photos and at the end of the month announce the five photos we think are the best. The winner will receive a copy of How to Succeed in Commercial Photography: Insights from a Leading Consultantby Selina Maitreya.

Everyone is encouraged to post their results in the Beyond Megapixels Photo Pool on Flickr, or the Beyond Megapixels Facebook page. Ensure that you tag your photos with “November Photo Challenge”, and PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that if you wish your photograph to be featured in the mid-month contributor’s post, you will need to ensure your photographs are able to be downloaded from Flickr. Otherwise, I cannot obtain the code required to share your photo on the website. The Attribution-NoDerivs Creative Commons license, or the Attribution-ShareAlike license, gives the most protection to your photo, while still allowing it to be downloaded.

Photo Credits:

Dearborn Gate by Atelier Teee on Flickr Commons
Church Door by Benjamin Asmussen on Flickr Commons
Gate and Slea Head by
Kman999 on Flickr Commons
Farm House Gate by Leonard John Matthews on Flickr Commons
Door of Colour by Tim van Kempen on Flickr Commons
Trail Gate by ~dgies on Flickr Commons
Door by Neosnaps on Flickr Commons

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  • Ali

    Hi, I have a question: the picture have to be taken at the current month or can be older? Thanks!

  • Steve Russell

    It can be older.  However, the purpose of the challenge is to motivate folks to get out and take photos.