A Splash of Color in Lightroom

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Here is how to add a splash of color to a black and white photo, using Lightroom 3.

The original photo (SOOC):

I want to make the entire photo black and white, with the exception of the red stairs.

In the Develop module, click on the Adjustment Brush, and in the tool menu that appears, slide the Saturation slider all the way to the left, to -100.

Enlarge the adjustment brush, and “paint” over broad areas of the picture to turn it to black and white – when you get to the finer details, reduce the size of the adjustment brush. Everything you don’t “paint” over will remain in color.

Click on “Done” when you’re finished, and export!

Give this technique a try, and share your results on our Facebook Page or in our Flickr Group!

Photos copyright Tiffany Joyce.

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